New Article Out Now - Choosing Your CBD Product

There are so many CBD products and companies out there, it can be overwhelming choosing the right one for you. Do you choose Isolate or Full Spectrum CBD? Would you rather consume a CBD edible, smoke a CBD concentrate, or perhaps you need a CBD topical for an external application? Read on CBD family! We’ve got your answers covered!


Quality Controlled & Tested with Child Safety Packaging

When you decide to add CBD to your regular regimen, you want to know that the CBD you are consuming is safe and of high quality. This is extremely important to the members of our CBD Family who use CBD for their Epilepsy, Arthritis or Inflammation, Anxiety or Depression, or just for all around wellness.

At CBD Infusionz we test all of our products for quality and dosing accuracy, and we take pride that we've created CBD products that hold up to the highest standards.

Please take the time to read our site disclaimer, especially if you are new to CBD. You can also find useful information for beginners in our Dosing & FAQ Information page.

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CBD & Honey, The New Tasty Treat

One of nature’s finest gifts has just gotten better! CBD Honey mixtures have hit the market, and are a delicious way to add a regular regimen of CBD into your routine. Add it to tea, spread it on toast, or just eat it plain, it’s easy to see why this is becoming a popular.


Honey has nourished mankind for thousands of years...

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New Article - Homeostasis and It's Friend CBD

Right now your body is doing something spectacular. Your cells, cellular tissue, and organs are all working together for a constant state of balance. They are doing incredible things like maintaining the ranges of pH levels, blood glucose, and the temperature of your body. Whenever a variable presents itself, the body has a counter response for it. This amazing process is the miracle of homeostasis. Homeostasis is the sum of processes that help maintain our body against an ever-changing external environment. Your external environment can be...