The Elderberry and CBD Duo

The Elderberry and CBD Duo

The flu and cold season has a way of dragging itself all the way until spring, causing many of us to fight off respiratory and immune issues. For those looking to avoid over-the-counter meds that can cause damage to the body, there is now a natural solution with CBD Herbal Tonic enhanced with Elderberries!*

CBD has been shown to strengthen the immune system, regulate systems in the body, and also supports homeostasis in the body. What about Elderberries?


What are Elderberries?

Elderberries are small, juicy purple berries that grow on small shrubs that can be found in Europe and the United States. Traditionally they’ve been used as additives to food and drinks, and have also been used medicinally for anything from boosting the immune system, respiratory health, wound healing, and pain relief, and strengthening the body’s defenses.


How can they help your body?

Elderberries are packed with Vitamin A and C, giving them strong antioxidant properties. Their antioxidant properties are even greater than cranberries and blueberries! They also activate the body’s innate immune response, which is the first line of defense against a threat. This is why some can feel the effects quickly, sometimes within just one day.

Another way Elderberries help your body is from its flavonoids. Flavonoids are a phytonutrient found in plants that can provide antioxidants and other benefits to the cells in our bodies. The Elderberry contains flavonols, rutin, quercetin and anthocyanins flavonoids, which have been shown the bind to foreign invaders and prevent them from entering. They also support a healthy inflammation response in the body.


Clinical Studies and Trials

Researchers have studied the effects Elderberries have on the body, and the findings are extremely promising.

Researchers took 60 patients suffering from Influenza A and B and enrolled them into a double-blind, placebo controlled study. The patients either received 15ml of Elderberry syrup or of a placebo, four times a day for five days. The results found that the patients who received the Elderberry syrup had a relief of symptoms 4 days sooner than those that received the placebo.

Another study followed 312 airplane travelers going to an overseas destination to see how an Elderberry supplement could affect the body’s physical and respiratory health.

The travelers had a daily diary where they noted cold episodes and symptoms. For the people who experienced a cold, those who received the Elderberry supplement versus the placebo had a shorter cold episode and less dramatic symptoms.

The research concludes Elderberries are a must during the cold and flu season, and when added to a CBD Herbal Tonic you’re getting an antioxidant packed, immune boosting duo!


*The FDA has not evaluated these statements, and this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases or ailments. Always check with your doctor before starting this or any other supplemental routine.